Introducing Analysights’ Small Business Solutions

I’m pleased to announce that Analysights has developed a line of solutions designed to provide high-quality marketing research services to small businesses at affordable rates. Much like large corporations, small businesses need to forecast sales, analyze and monitor their marketplace, and understand what their customers think and where improvements must be made. However, most small businesses don’t have the budget that larger ones do to get the insights they need.

Now they don’t have to!

Small businesses can now get customized marketing research services for a flat price! Analysights has introduced three lines of small business solutions: SurveySimple, ForecastEase, and PlanPro.

SurveySimple is our small scale survey solution, which includes initial consultation, questionnaire design, survey deployment, data collection for 100 to 300 responses, and analysis and reporting with recommendations. You can choose from a Silver, Gold, or Platinum package, depending on the number of people surveyed and/or the length and complexity of the questionnaire. Find out more about SurveySimple.

ForecastEase is a customized sales forecasting solution for small businesses. We use your past sales data to build a forecast model that will help you predict what sales will be in the both the short- and long-term. We then provide you with an Excel spreadsheet powered with the model, so you need only plug in a few numbers to get estimates of upcoming sales, making it easier for you to schedule employees, order supplies and inventory, and make plans with more certainty. You can have sales forecasts made on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. ForecastEase also has a flat price, depending on the periodic basis chosen. Find out more about ForecastEase.

PlanPro is geared towards any small business or entrepreneur preparing a business or marketing plan. The “Market Analysis” is a critical, but often difficult, section of a business plan to create. Analysights takes the drudgery of the Market Analysis section off your hands. We will consult with you and then research your market, examine industry’s trends, competition, and regulatory environment, develop projections for the next couple of years, and provide you with the findings. For a small fee, we will even write the Market Analysis section of your business plan for you. Find out more about PlanPro.

With Analysights’ Small Business Solutions, the question is no longer a matter of “can you afford to do marketing research,” but of “can you afford not to?”


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