Do-it Yourself Focus Groups

The unstructured nature of focus groups enables marketers and businesses to draw out ideas, perceptions, feelings, and experiences from prospective customers that might not be possible to extract through structured quantitative approaches like surveys. By using focus groups, businesses can come up with ideas for new products and services; lay the groundwork for surveys and advertising campaigns by understanding the vocabulary customers use when describing products and services; understand why customers feel the way they do and their needs; and understand the findings from quantitative research.

Focus groups can be very expensive, yet doing them without careful organization can be disastrous to your marketing efforts. Yesterday’s episode of Your Business, on MSNBC, had a segment on “Do-It Yourself Focus Groups.” The segment covered the following 10 topics/tips when doing your own focus groups:

  1. Why have a focus group?
  2. How do you get started?
  3. Who do you choose (to participate)?
  4. Choose current customers
  5. Choose former customers
  6. Choose employees
  7. Start with a “Trend Question”
  8. Go around the room
  9. Ask for a rating
  10. Follow-up is key.

Although Analysights doesn’t presently do focus groups, we thought we’d share this information with those of you who are interested. Here’s a link to the 3 ½ minute segment. Enjoy!


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